Edible Arrangements has been around for quite a while now.  Since 1999 the Edible Arrangements concept and business has been offering fresh fruit bouquets.  The East Haven, Connecticut based business was developed by Tariq Farid and his brother Kamran

The most important thing that anyone reading this article will want to know is… does it work?  Well you already know that it doesn’t get much better than fruit on a stick to begin with.  You also know that the only thing that makes fruit on a stick better is dipping it in chocolate.  So if you don’t feel like going through the process of hunting down the perfect looking fruit, washing it, dipping it, and putting it on a stick… then finding the perfect piece of foam and the perfect container to put it in… taking some time off work, or simply trying to transport such a thing to its destination then calling Edible Arrangements is definitely something you should do.

Why?  Because they do it right.  They are a competent fruit florist that show up on time with beautifully arranged fruit product that razzle and dazzle.  The delivery vans they use are professional, clean and new looking so you won’t have some small florist delivering boring flowers in a hooptie.

The end result? Tasty! The fruit they deliver is perfectly ripe and tasty, the presentation is outstanding and a huge hit with everyone.  LOVE IT.  5 out of 5 stars for Edible Arrangements.  We are also giving them the 2013 Reviewboard Magazine Best Buy Award.

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