If you want top quality and superior cleaning power, this vacuum has a beta powerhead option that is designed to clean in traditional carpeted floors, hardwood or laminated.

Nicknamed the ultra-performance machine, the Oxy3 Ultra captures 99.79% allergens, dust, and tiny particles and also has filter change indicators that signal when the dust bag is full.

All of the controls and tools are in its handle including the rewind for the power cord.

Its features include the unique design that comes with a sealed HEPA filtration system, the MicroSeal fresh air technology, a sensor system, a power nozzle for easy adjustments, an integrated wand system, optimal feedback light that lets you know when the bag needs changing, a 12-amp motor, and tools for dusting, crevices, and upholstery.

The EL 7020B is the company’s top model, garnering great and excellent reviews from a good number of its users. The telescoping pole is always being lauded for getting jobs well done under the beds, dressers, and couches.

Its carpeting power is incomparable, regardless of the material that you have—whether it be an area rug or a Berber rug.

This canister Electrolux vacuum cleaner moves effortlessly, ridding you of worry that it will bump into your furniture or crash into your newly painted walls—all that without making much of a noise. For all these, the Oxy3 Ultra is unquestionably the company’s pride.

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