For a budget-friendly purchase, you’ll never go wrong with the EL1012A from Electrolux. This is a powerful two-in-one cordless vacuum cleaner with a built-in handheld vacuum that comes at a very affordable price of around $105.

The Electrolux 2N1 Ergorapido cordless vacuum is equipped with excellent features that the company is well known of.

Above all, it is a stick and a handheld unit rolled into one, making it more advantageous than any other vacuum cleaners.

The Ergorapido’s slim and lightweight feature makes it suitable as a handheld unit wherein you can bring it closer to areas where dust and dirt accumulates.

The motorized aluminum brush roll has a powerful cyclonic dust that is able to maintain suction longer for greater effectiveness in terms of cleaning process.

This affordable cordless Electrolux vacuum cleaner has wheels that make it highly maneuverable even on hard floors. And with its unique 180° swivel head, there is no chance that all those debris cannot be suctioned off.

What makes the Ergorapido unit great is that you can grab it anytime you want because it is always charged and ready to move and clean. There is no need to be pestered by cords, plugs, and outlets because all you need is to store and rest it in its charging base—and viola, it is always ready whenever you are in the mood for cleaning.

The charging base can be mounted on the wall, saving you a lot of space. It has a dusting brush and a crevice stored together with the charging stand, which allows all those hard-to-reach surfaces to be cleaned without sweat.

And you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty when emptying the dust cup because it has three different ways to empty it without touching.

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