This is a quick review for those of you interested in running a wordpress website who are worried about preventing malware issues, or those of you who actually have them.  Eli’s Anti-Malware Plugin is by far the best anti-malware plugin available for free or for pay in the wordpress plugin category.  The definitions are updated regularly, the program is updated reguarly, the support is absolutely above all  (Click above all and you will see every support issue with a RESOLVED next to it) and the price is right… it’s free.  Eli has a donation button on his website and on the wordpress plugin page if you feel the need (and you should) to donate and keep him in coffee while he updates his software to protect your websites.

Eli’s Anti-Malware Plugin for WordPress saved our bacon several times.  We had a support issue that Eli took care of immediately (without knowing who we were) and not only that he logged into our website and helped get it straightened out which was a huge help.  We can also say he is trustworthy as we gave him full access to our website with administrator privilages.  Eli Sheetz lives in Hawaii with his significant other and their children.   You know how expensive milk is in Hawaii so make sure you donate regularly to him!  If you don’t have money to give, make sure you talk about him on your website or blog and link back to his website.  He can use all the publicity he can get and trust me it is worth it for you to spend this extra time helping him out with traffic.  You may need him to do the same for you some day when it comes to malware!

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  • Looks – His plugin has its own slot in the wordpress admin.  There is a good looking bar that tells you that it is active, what percentage it is, how long is left, what files it is scanning, and what it has found in the way of malware.  Excellent presentation.
  • Functionality – It works very well. The program is updated regularly along with the malware definitions.  There are a several options and they all work well.
  • Price – Free is the best price of all.  Keep in mind that it’s more like pay what you think it’s worth by donating.  Please do so to keep him working with vigilance!
  • Build Quality – The design of the user interface is perfect.  There are a lot of options, but not too many and the way they are presented is not overly complex.
  • Support/Warranty – The support is superb.  By far the best experience with any plugin we have had.


All in all I would say that this plugin rates our full 5 stars (as you can see above).  Furthermore we are definitely giving Eli’s Anti-Malware Plugin a Reviewboard Magazine Best Buy Award!

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