Toaster ovens are fantastic machines that are capable of cooking practically anything. Like a magic box, food of all shapes and sizes gets put in to it, becoming fully cooked and ready to eat when removed. Recent years have seen toaster ovens advance into secondary oven territory, with new features and designs allowing for the countertop appliances to be used to cook everything from 12-inch pizzas to fried eggs. It is now entirely possible to bypass the large oven and create full homemade meals by using just the one appliance. Of course, when shopping for one it doesn’t hurt to look for something extra. Like a hot dog roller.

The Ewave 6-Slice Toaster Oven with Hot Dog Roller (model number EWMO2SD17) extends the utility of countertop ovens even further by incorporating a hot dog roller directly on top. When not masquerading as a hot dog machine, the 1,440-watt unit features all the cooking modes we have come to expect out of our countertop ovens. Along with the ability to toast bread, standard features such as convection bake, broil, and defrost are included. As for its most distinctive cooking mode: it’s hard to argue with the logic of combining a hot dog roller with an ability to toast buns–the only thing left is to reach into the fridge and pull out the mustard.


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