Spring is the right time to start caring about your lawn, so as to enjoy its beauty in the summer. Obviously, you would like your lawn to be its wonderful best when you have to spend your time in the lawn during summer months. It is then that you want your lawn to look lush green. Thereby adding great scenic value to your home.
Putting in adequate time and effort into lawn care will never go waste; rather the results will start showing almost instantly.

The first and foremost requirement for a good lawn is a clean cut of the grass. For this, you should make sure that you have a good quality lawnmower to do this job. Whenever you use the mower to cut the grass, you should ensure that the blades are sharp enough; otherwise the cutting may lack fineness. Moreover, to protect the lawnmower blades from rusting easily, you should avoid mowing wet grass. It is on dry grass that the results are excellent and the mower works better for a longer time too.

For a good cut of the grass and a fine look of the lawn, the length of the grass should be around 6 centimeters at the time of mowing. This height of the grass is ideal for it to retain the moisture of the soil as well as to develop a strong and deep root system.

One aspect of having a healthy lawn, which is not known to many people, is that clipping of the grass should be left on the lawn until the next time it is to be cut. These clippings are a good source of nitrogen. However, the clippers should be removed if the lawn is wet, otherwise the lawn will not benefit from the sunlight if it is totally covered with the clippings. This can lead to the grass drying off, which should be avoided at all cost.

Watering the lawn is also an essential component of lawn care. Proper watering gives your lawn a fresh and healthy look. For best results, each time you water your lawn, make sure that around two centimeters of water is spread evenly access the entire lawn. Excessive and too frequent watering of the lawn can do more farm than good. Along with how much you water, another important thing is when you water your lawn. It is always a good thing to water the lawn in morning. Avoid watering at night because that could lead to diseases on the lawn.

If you follow the advice given, you will surely have a great looking lawn. In fact proper lawn care is beneficial for your lawn to be always at its best, no matter what the season.

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