If you are like me you love paging through catalogs for new and interesting gadgets to buy!  One of my favorite catalogs is the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog (I’ve included a link so you can get a free one just in case you feel the need to join me.).  I’ve been (putting off really) getting a flood light for the back door of my house.  The idea of wiring up a light isn’t high on my list of things I would like to be doing.

I thought about going with some type of solar/battery solution, but didn’t see anything that really popped out at me.  The bulbs on traditional lights are kind of expensive so I knew I’d really like to go with an LED solution… I looked around online for a bit and then put it off again.

Oddly a few days later I read a press release about a Porch Light that was motion activated AND LED!!  I noticed it was from my fav catalog Hammacher Schlemmer and zipped to their website to check it out.

So the nitty gritty:

  • Four C Batteries (No wiring… SCORE!)
  • 150 Hours of actual operation (So translation… years! How many times is it going to go off?)
  • No Wiring!!! (I know I said it before but wow!!)
  • 2 Screw Installation (This took 3 minutes to install)
  • Motion Sensor (It shuts off about 30 seconds after movement has stopped, further more it won’t go on in the day time).

So they are about 40 bucks a piece if you order them from Hammacher Schlemmer.  Now that I have it installed I have to say that it is the perfect solution to my back door.  It lights up a good part of the back area, there was no wiring (I think I may have mentioned that before) and I don’t have to replace the batteries every month.  I’m really happy with the unit, it is a solid little light and I think it will serve me well for years to come.

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