Grilling is a communal affair. Not in the sense that there are altruistic reasons for such behavior, but it is a matter of simply wanting to keep an eye on what’s yours. After scoping out the perfect steak, burger, chicken thigh, or what-have-you, the worst thing that could happen is when one of your so-called friends makes a grab for it when you are not looking. The best way to fight this unwelcome intrusion of grill space, naturally, is to keep an eye on your goods, but that’s not always easy to do–especially with gas grills, which tend to be rectangular.

Fuego’s Element line of grills are a handsome freestanding bunch that are made for gathering around. Cylindrical in design, the grills stand like a pillar, giving you a clear view of the action. With 346-square-inches of cooking space and a dual-zone burner system, the action is sure to be hot. With a 15,000 BTU burner for indirect cooking, along with a 9,000-BTU burner for traditional grilling, the grill offers versatility in a modern design without sacrificing usability.

With hidden tank storage, and availability in a variety of styles, the distinctive grill has looks that were made to accommodate. Included (in most models) is a slide-out wooden prep shelf, offering integrated convenience wherever the grill happens to be set up. Also included is a lid and a variety of accessories are available, from a pizza stone to a specifically designed griddle–making sure that no matter who is hovering around the grill, there will be something for everybody.

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