Hosting a gathering is never easy. There’s the menu to be considered, eating preferences to be anticipated, and last but certainly not least, the drink selection to be determined. After all the preparation is over and it’s time to greet the guests, it’s not uncommon for hosts to run through a mental checklist: hors d’oeuvres? Check. Music? Check. Appropriate lighting? Check. Cold drinks? Che–uh-oh.

Faced with the unpleasant proposition of facing off with a thirsty crowd, party hosts in need of rapidly chilled beverages have little recourse. They can toss drinks in the freezer for a rapid cooldown, but that never seems to work too well. It simply isn’t fast enough, and if left for too long can turn the inside of a freezer into a goopy mess (not to mention ruining the beverage in the process). Exploding beer is never a welcome party trick, but with the right equipment the party foul can be avoided.

The Cooper Cooler Rapid Blitz Chiller rapidly chills individual cans or bottles, making them party-ready in a matter of minutes. In as little as 2 minutes for cans, and 4 minutes for bottles, beverages can be chilled to 36 degrees (for even colder chilling, the can or bottle can be left in the vessel an additional two minutes, allowing it to reach an ice-cold 33 degrees). The unit uses a patented chilling process to achieve such fantastic results, and requires user-added ice to complete the process, so it might be a good idea to add filling up the ice trays to the pre-party checklist.

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