Users and testers agree that the Gillette Venus Divine women’s shaver gives a more comfortable, closer shave than fancier, more expensive razors with additional features. It gets better ratings than the five-bladed Gillette Fusion (*Est. $10) and the vibrating Venus Vibrance (*Est. $13), as testers conclude that those features don’t deliver a closer shave. Users say it’s easier on the legs, sparing them bumps and razor burn. However, aside from packaging and color, reviewers say there’s functionally little difference between the Gillette Venus Divine and the Gillette Mach3 Turbo (*Est. $10), marketed for men. Your choice might come down to which replacement blades are cheaper at your local stores.

 Most reviews cover electric shavers more than manual razors, but we did find some good comparisons. The best of the bunch, Which? magazine, examined 21 manual razors for men and women. Compared with other products, we find fewer user reviews of women’s razors, but the reviews do provide perspective, especially those at, which logs more reviews than has several individual write-ups on men’s razors but not women’s shavers.

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