The GXV3140 IP Multimedia Phone, what doesn’t this unit do? The GXV3140 is bursting with industry-leading features. A surprisingly clear 4.3″ digital color liquid crystal display, an adjustable 1.3MP advanced CMOS camera with privacy shutter, auxiliary interfaces including USB, stereo headset, audio/video output, and SD slots, advanced video compression, and duplex speakerphone. The phone is also equipped with Web and social networking apps; web browsing, Yahoo/MSN/Google IM, Internet radio, Flickr, RSS feeds, music streaming, games, and more. This unit has established itself as a unique hotbed for the culmination of many multimedia applications that will leave the user in awe.

This GXV3140 enables the user to abandon the computer for smaller tasks, and a more aesthetically pleasing desk layout. The GXV3140 can switch providers with the push of a button as carrier’s voice quality may vary. While the video aspect is more Web cam-ish than video conferencing it is still a remarkable system. Neither Skype or IAX is supported.

The Grandstream GX3140 IP Phone lacks options in skin color (black being the only option), but the idea of purchasing a $250 multimedia phone on aesthetics alone is rather ridiculous. The GXV3140 supports 11 languages, and could possibly be the first stationary phone you use frequently, and not just for calls.  The GX3140 is a revolution in home and office communication and has been nominated for 2 different awards here at Reviewboard Magazine.

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