The Honeywell 2072 1.00 Cubic Foot Anti-Theft Shelf may have a funny name. Emphasis on the “Anti-Theft”, opposed to the “Pro-Theft” variety of safe that unfortunately must lure a number of people. Well, we’ve done the research, here at Reviewboard, the reports are conclusive, “Anti-Theft” safes are the best investment available.

In all seriousness the Honeywell 2072 brings a few great features to the table primarily a great level of security. While you won’t have to fear a thief in the night, you will have to fear fire or water damage, unfortunately. The safe provides you with only a minimal level of fire and water protection, and is more suited for keeping things out of the hands of the general, opportunisitc thief than one of mother nature’s many forces.

The safe is equipped with a digital keypad with a reprogrammable combination. The unit is also designed for a lock-out to occur if the wrong passcode has been entered multiple times. Interestingly enough, there is an override code that comes with the safe which is not affected by the lock-out. This seems like a possible exploit.

All in all, the Honeywell 2072 1.00 Cubic Foot Anti-Theft Shelf Safe seems to provide only a moderate level of security. Relying on 4 “AA” batteries, and having an override code that comes with the safe really doesn’t make anyone feel very comfortable.

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