It is surprising how dirty carpet can get over a short period of time. Most vacuum cleaners simply do not get the job done. In order to completely sanitize and clean your carpet it must be steam cleaned.

Until recently, this process must be performed by a commercial entity or by renting a large machine, however; the Hoover F5914-900 is your personal steam cleaner. The vacuum and steam cleaner is ideal for winter months when children and animals track in dirt and mud, which can be hard to pick up by ordinary machines.

Steam cleaning your house with the Hoover F5914-900 saves you $100 to $200 annually by alleviating the need to rent a machine or pay for someone to come to your house.

The 12-amp motor combined with five dedicated brushes will capture and store all of the harmful debris that builds up in carpeting over time. These brushes operate at high speeds to ensure that the debris is delivered directly to the collection bin – not back into the air.

The machine can operate on both high and low speeds, depending on the type of flooring you are cleaning. The vacuum has an adjustable upright handle that includes a trigger to release the hot water for cleaning. Additionally, the SteamVac uses hot air to sanitize the floor and dry the floor quickly.

It comes with a generous 27-foot cord to give you a large working area. With dual water tanks, it is easy to distinguish dirty and clean water. The detachable bucket makes disposing the dirty water and filling clean water easy.

The Hoover F5914-900 automatically mixes the clean water with cleaning solution to reduce human error. Additionally, the vacuum comes with an eight-foot hose that reduces the chance of spilling. Other features include brush indicators, electronic indicator lights, and extension wands.
Machines such as the Hoover F5914-900 are designed with durability in mind. Advantages of using the vacuum include the ability to steam clean your carpet and flooring on-demand without the need to rent a steam cleaner or hire a company.

The 12-amp motor is significantly stronger than other models. While steam cleaners are typically heavy, this Hoover SteamVac is relatively lightweight and easy to maneuver. The five-brush system ensures that no debris is left in the carpet.
While the Hoover F5914-900 was designed to clean floors, it has several design flaws that make using the device less than ideal. In general, SteamVacs are not meant to be used on a daily basis, and the device takes quite a bit of work to prepare it for cleaning.

Unlike other models, one cannot “spot clean” because it takes too long to setup. Cleaning the vacuum can be challenging given most of the parts are hard to access. While the brush system works well, they require routine maintenance.

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