The machine features a 15-inch power nozzle and has distinct air channels that trap the dirt inside the vacuum. Additionally, the vacuum has fingertip sensitive controls that turn the brush roll on or off – making it easy to transition from carpet to bare flooring.

Since the Hoover S3670 bagged canister vacuum utilizes Wind Tunnel technology, it is able to trap 99.97 percent of dust and pollens. It can trap particles that are 0.3 microns in size due to the advanced HEPA filtration system.

Since the vacuum uses a HEPA certified bag, users sensitive to allergens can change the bags without sneezing. Additionally, the filters can be washed and are reusable. The days of replacing filters every other month are eliminated due to the technological advancements Hoover has made.

The S3670 vacuum uses a seven-foot hose that has a 360-degree swivel, making it easy to reach those tough places. It comes with a variety of tools for cleaning fixtures and other items. The tools include a hard floor brush, pet hair remover, upholstery cleaner, edge-cutting bristles, and a quick release telescopic wand.

The vacuum also comes with an ergonomic handle that makes vacuuming fun, rather than a chore. The vacuum also includes an electronic full rewind feature that makes cleaning up a snap. Other amenities include a full bag indicator LED, rolling casters, headlights, and a 25-foot cord.
The Hoover S3670 is a beast of a vacuum cleaner and one of Hoover’s best performing models. With such a powerful motor and features, one would suspect that the vacuum is huge, however; it is just the right size to get the job done. The Hoover S3670′s HEPA filtration system is state-of-the-art, ensuring that the dust and dirt will be sealed tight in the bags.

Since the vacuum utilizes anti-allergenic containers this model is ideal for those who are sensitive to dust and other allergens. The motor and suction outperform most other models, however; at $250 the Hoover WindTunnel S3670 is a luxury model.
The Hoover S3670 is a consumer friendly vacuum cleaner, however; it can be difficult to maintain and does not come apart easily. Cleaning the hoses and filters require a bit of patience. The suction is powerful, however; it is not as strong as previous WindTunnel models.

The vacuum does not pick up larger items; anything bigger than a pea may not get picked up. The vacuum can be difficult to wheel around; most users find it easier to carry it from room to room.

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