Voted as a pioneer in the floor-care industry, this product has proved to be a revolutionary invention.
A vacuum cleaner has become a mandatory appliance to keep items such as televisions, tables, chairs, beds, computers, closets, curtains and other furniture dust free.

Given that a recent study revealed that almost every American home has a vacuum cleaner and they are driven for about 18 miles a year on average, the Hoover sport utility vacuum has been designed for these heavy duty requirements.

The continuously changing needs of the cleaning process have been factored in designing this product, which is capable of being seamlessly maneuvered over multiple surfaces.

This advantage of a Hoover sport utility vacuum is a true blessing, especially since modern homes have about four different types of terrains, including carpets, hardwood, marble and ceramic tiles.

This multi-faceted appliance can take care of everything from cleaning draperies, hardfloors, carpets and even a flight of stairs.

The increasing trend of maintaining an impeccable and spotless dwelling has driven many people into investing massive amounts of money in cleaning products for their homes. This is why, this Hoover model has managed to conquer the market, surpassing all competition.

Now what is it exactly that makes the Hoover sport utility vacuum a preferred model as compared to the many others in the market?

For starters, major customer concerns such as switching the vacuum cleaner on and off while changing the modes and tools, reaching varying heights, and maintaining and repairing of the main filter are all addressed in the design of this sporty vacuum.

This is possible solely because of its remarkable features:

1. The amazing DigiTouch control pad installed in the vacuum facilitates automatic adjustment between settings and surfaces without the need to constantly bend over the machine.

2. A self-cleaning HEPA filter automatically cleanses itself after every six seconds and does not require replacement.

3. To conveniently reach the corners of the drapes, curtains, and ceiling crevices, it has been equipped with a super-stretch hose, which extends up to an amazing 20 feet in length.

4. The collapsible Z-Fold design, offers the stability as well as flexibility of a canister, rolled into one vacuum.


The Hoover sport utility vacuum comes in two models; the Hoover Z700 Deluxe Bagless Sport Utility Vacuum and the Hoover Z400 Bagless Upright Sport Utility Vacuum.

The former costs around $499 while the latter is available at $399. Both these models contain the basic, customary features.

However, the Z 700 is additionally attached with an extra 16-inch cleaning wand, lifetime LED headlights and a pet hair cleaning tool, which explains the $100 difference.

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