Free 1 Year Costco Membership

How to get a free 1 Year Costco Membership for the rest of your life

If you know anything about COSTCO then you know they operate a bit like SAMS Club.  They have a lot of stuff you can buy in bulk and you have to be a member before you can.  If you are interested in getting a FREE SAMS club membership you can do so by reading that article here.

So the deal is simple at Costco they have fees for their 1 year membership that range between 50 and 150 bucks.  This is an estimate this article will be here for quite some time and they go up in price every year.  You give them some basic information, pick the service level you want, pay them, and get your photo taken.  A few minutes later you are handed a card with your pic on it and presto.  In order to get your Free 1 Year Costco Membership you absolutely have to pay for the first year. There is no way to get around that part of it.

free-costco-membership At Costco you get a second card as part of the Costco Membership Program.  Anyone can have it, it’s not a “spouse” card per sae.  So if you are smart you can take the first fee and split it with a friend or relative, just make sure they come with you so you can both get your cards at the same time.  Now use your 1 Year Costco membership like you normally do for the next 50 weeks.  When you reach the 50 week mark this is where it gets a little interesting.  (Click below to get to the second page and read the rest of the article)  You can also read another article I wrote for getting a Costco membership in 2014 here and another technique here.

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  • ksj
    July 11, 2014

    That is stealing…unless you truly are unhappy with the company, If so, why would you continue to shop there? People that scam on membership fees cause rate increases for everyone else.

    • faust
      July 13, 2014

      This is not stealing, this gaming the system by exploiting a loophole. I *guarantee* you that Costco’s accountants do the exact same thing to legally evade payment of taxes that would otherwise reasonably be due, and Costco definitely lines many shelves with stuff manufactured in second- and third-world countries thus avoiding the cost of fair wages, employee rights and environmental accountability to its manufacturers.

  • Laurie
    July 10, 2014

    You interchange free Sam’s Club and free Costco in the article. Which are you talking about? Either way, you are a low life if you do it.

    • Reviewboard
      July 12, 2014

      A low life for taking them up on their offer to refund? That’s absurd, the company says it’s OK, who are you to say it isn’t?

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