“I wish my brother Rob was here” is a new release by Milo (known for his work with Nom De Rap and The Dilla-Gents).  His first solo release, which was dedicated to one of his good friends Rob Espinosa who passed away this year, is very appealing if you like to sit back and jam to what can only be considered “a very different tune” in a pleasingly warm and Jello Brand Gelatin way; because Milo is to hip-hop what Dr. Cosby is to Jello… he brings the goodness.

What is extraordinary about Milo’s approach to hip-hop is the use of what can only be described as an incredible grasp of the English language.  True vocabulary describing interesting story like events that take you to the set, not profanity filled, egomaniacal garbage focusing on crime, and hedonism.

You can download the album for free at www.miloraps.com.

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