To be honest I don’t really care for this product, for $40 I really feel like it should charge more, be more.  There is good news though.  Amazon has it for $20 and for $20 it is MUCH more reasonable.

So what it does is pretty straight forward.  It’s the i2+ so the 2 stands for how many adapter units plug into the top of the device.  It’s a charging pad so you plug the correct adapter in (it comes with a bunch) and then you plug your device on it.  You can put two adapters in the top of the unit and the + is for the USB connection on the side which can be used to charge any device that charges ala USB.

It’s a little hokey, it feels like something you get off an informercial, but it’s handy and like I said for $20 it’s worth it.

Send us a comment at the end of this article, and we will pick a winner at random to send our tester unit out to free by Father’s Day 2011 (if you are reading this after Father’s Day please note that this offer has expired)!  Only one comment please, you will be disqualified if you submit more than one.

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