Counter space is always an issue when looking to bring a new kitchen appliance into the fold. Quite often, an overexuberance of gadgetry spills out onto every available surface. And that includes the floor. Normally, one wouldn’t want to start storing appliances on the floor, but there are the rare exceptions when it makes sense. Wine refrigerators, for example: they are usually meant for the floor. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t look better on the wall.

Hanging on the wall almost like a piece of three-dimensional art, the Cavanova Six Bottle Wall Wine Chiller provides an easy way to get your wine collection up off the ground. Measuring 33 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 9 inches into space, the thermoelectric wine fridge keeps bottles cool without making a lot of noise. Featuring a temperature range from 44 degrees to 64 degrees, the functional display piece utilizes a double-walled door for increased efficiency.

Designed to hold six standard-size wine bottles, the chiller is made for entertaining. Placed at eye level, the distinct appearance would make for an impressive display. And perhaps best of all, with a lighted interior, you can turn on the chiller and admire your collection–because every bottle of wine goes better with mood lighting.

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