The LG 47LH90 47″ 1080p 240Hz LED Backlit LCD HDTV is a visual mammoth, holding weight in circles of A/V lovers the world over. What separates this LCD from the quotidian blanket that encompasses so much of the HDTV diaspora is the lack of “edge lighting”. Instead, the LG 47LH90 is equipped with a vast array of LED backlights which implement a local dimming technology for precision display control. The result is a consummation of deeper blacks, a wider color spectrum, and more fluid motion for a naturalistic picture.

The HDTV itself is a beauty. Glossy black, with a mellow, subtle blue infusion lining the edges of the panel. The picture displayed is a cut above, LG offers more picture/color adjustments than any manufacturer today. Included video modes are standard, natural, THX Cinema, sport, game, or vivid; two exper modes ensure that the most fanatical may adjust to their specific tastes.

Notably the LG 47LH90 features 4 HDMI ports, and a USB port for attaching flash drives. The unit also includes a swivel stand, which most manufacturers today do not utilize (unfortunately). 240 Hz TruMotion Technology ensures that you’ll never have to deal with nauseau-inducing blur. As with other LG HDTV’s, an Intelligent Sensor will automatically optimize the picture to the lighting of the room. A rather impressive contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 establishes the unit as a contender with other high image quality sets.

The LG 47LH90 is a great buy, a nearly flawless unit for the price, and is one of the few HDTV’s we at Reviewboard would whole-heartedly recommend. If you are looking for a good deal on this television you can get one by clicking this link.

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