The Livestrong 12.9T Treadmill is one of the brand’s flagship models, and the reasons are apparent. Manufacturered by Johnston Health Tech, a company with 30 years of fitness equipment manufacturing under its belt there’s a certain sigh of relief that is released when making the choice. The home treadmills are endorsed by everyone’s favorite professional cyclist Lance Armstrong with a percentage of profits going towards the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Under the hood, so to speak, is a notably powerful 3.0 CHP motor which has a lifetime warranty in its corner. The motor supports speeds of up to 12 MPH without the loud whir we’ve all come to identify as the “treadmill noise”.

14 built-in workout plans are the source of variety to maintain interest in a seemingly simple fitness machine. Options vary from speed interval, simulating rolling hills, and target heart rate to name a few. A manual mode presents the option of developing your own custom workout program. The Livetrack Fitness journal monitors progress and goals achieved both short and long term. The 12.9T features speakers and an iPod-compatible port for tunes while jogging those rolling hills.

The most notable difference between the 12.9T and other home treadmill models is the unusually steep 14% incline capability which can aid in the more efficient burning of calories. The 60 x 20″ deck is equipped with the patented MaxComfort System which establishes differential cushioning to provide balance support and shock absorption. This feature is idyllic to those worried about knee damage from treadmill use.

Great warranties, an exceptionally strong motor, an unusually steep incline, and the outfitting of the MaxComfort System differentiate the 12.9T from the pack of home treadmills. In a world of fitness equipment that seems identical it is easy to place the LiveStrong 12.9T at the head of the pack.

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