I can’t think of how many recipes I have that require me to heat up milk or melt butter before mixing in other ingredients. Being able to handle such tasks directly in the measuring cup I’ve already placed ingredients into makes the cooking process go that much faster. The Stove-Safe Measuring Cup can handle stovetop and oven temperatures, letting you not only measure and heat in one container but even cook. This measuring cup can also safely be used in the microwave and can take a ride through the dishwasher with no problems. If, for instance, you wanted to mix up a batch of hot chocolate right in the same cup where you measured the milk, this measuring cup is a perfect option to make your treat without dirtying extra dishes.

The Stove-Safe Measuring Cup has measurement marks up to 2 cups, although it will hold more if you need to mix anything in with your heated ingredients. The measuring cup, which is 5 inches tall, is made entirely from glass and has a stay-cool handle so that you can lift it as necessary. It’s marked with measurements in cups, ounces, and metric. The Stove-Safe Measuring Cup is available for $14.99.

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