The Miele S314 Red Star also features a state-of-the-art HEPA filter. This filter cleans more than just dirt as you vacuum; it pulls microscopic pathogens from the air and purifies it so that you can breathe healthier. This filter operates in tandem with a 4.5 quart dust bag in a sealed system that can capture particles as small as 0.3 micron size.

In effect, this vacuum gives you two appliances in one: it cleans your carpets like never before and it also acts as a superior air purifier. The HEPA filter is a favorite for allergy or asthma sufferers and has been certified to help relieve symptoms.

The Miele Red Star also comes with several convenient accessories including a two-piece standard suction wand, a dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and crevice tool. You’ll also find an SEB213-2 power brush, an SES105 electric hose, and a smooth floor brush that enables you to switch easily from one surface to another.

If you have varied floor surfaces in your home, you know the nuisance that a bad vacuum can cause. Especially on uprights, the floor brush is often too low and this can cause bad suction and sometimes damage to hardwood or tile floors. When you have taken the trouble to install hardwood or tile in your home, you want a vacuum that will clean these surfaces gently and thoroughly.

The Miele S314 Red Star does this in unprecedented style with its smooth floor brush. This brush is composed of soft rotating bristles that essentially do your sweeping for you as they run across your floor. You can then switch the smooth floor brush option off, and resume vacuuming your carpets. The Red Star can self-adjust and handles carpets from high-pile to low with ease.
What people enjoy about the Miele Red Star is what they tend to enjoy about most Miele canister vacuums-namely, lightweight design, practical accessories, and extreme cleaning ability-the power brush can scrub even deep-seated dirt and pet hair from your carpet. The unparalleled HEPA filter option is also a favorite.
First-time users report that getting to know this vacuum is not as intuitive as they would like and took some practice.

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