The Miele S514 vacuum cleaner is powered by the company’s popular 1200 watt Vortex Motor System which not only provides exceptional cleaning power on both carpets and hard surfaces. In addition, it is exceptionally quiet as well. The sealed design and enhanced mounts reduces the noise usually associated with powerful vacuum cleaners.

The roller brush attachment has its own motor and a 10 ½ inch wide brush with a floating design that makes it exceptionally maneuverable. It lifts the nap on carpet even as it performs its powerful dirt removing suction on low to medium pile carpets. It works great on pet hair and for other difficult cleaning purposes.

Like all Miele hoses, this one is crush-proof and is guaranteed to keep its shape. Connected to a telescopic wand of stainless steel, the Miele S514 vacuum comes with a dusting brush, upholstery nozzle and crevice tool. All can be stored neatly on the body of the vacuum for easy access.

This particular Miele vacuum cleans the air as you vacuum. It uses HyClean dustbags that have 9-ply construction to make sure the dirt stays in and does not escape during use. A self-sealing collar is built into the bag as well.

The Super Air Clean filter is electrostatically charged to hang on to the 99.95% of the particles as small as .5 microns and 94% of the particles as small as .03 microns. Each filter lasts through four bag changes.
Unusually Quiet
Deep Cleans carpets
Light weight
Exceptionally maneuverability
The Hepa filter does not come standard
Does not include a tool for hardwood
Some Miele customers are not happy that the Miele S514 vacuum cleaner does not come with a floor tool and feel the Heap filter should be included in the purchase price. But most consumers have found it to be of exceptional value and a well made and designed vacuum.

For normal home vacuuming purposes, the S514 vacuum is easy to use and exceptionally quiet. It cleans household carpeting thoroughly and gives those who are concerned about allergens the peace of mind they are looking for. It is one of Miele’s more reasonably priced vacuums and is a good choice for low to medium pile.

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