ModKat kitty litter box is an outstanding value, for anyone looking to have a litter box that isn’t open and disgusting.  The ModKat litter box is a unique way for your cat to have a little privacy when they have to go.  It’s a 15 by 16 by 16 box that has a small opening in the top of it.  Some of the videos on the ModKat website show exactly how to get your cat into using the ModKat easily and quickly.

First he put the box and the middle of the FLOOR.  Then you let your cat get curious. Once your cat notices the box you can open it up and take a ModKat litter box out.  Dispose of the box, and leave a ModKat litter box out.  Open them a cat litter box, install the reusable liner, dump your favorite kitty litter into the ModKat and wait for your cat to get curious again.  Eventually, within an hour so we’ll see your cat inside the box sniffing around and possibly even using it.

The ModKat kitty litter box is the cutting edge way to give your kitty some privacy, and keep the nasty part of a litter box concealed from sight.  Cleaning the box is a dream, the ModKat litter box comes with a custom kitty litter scoop that makes cleaning the square box incredibly easy.

We love the ModKat kitty litter box and so does our cat. They come in five colors, blue, red, white, black, and beige.

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