The Eco-Performance series is an effort by Moen to put products on the market that are friendly to the planet without sacrificing that quality and performance you are looking for.  The MOEN LINDLEY™ KITCHEN CATHEDRAL FAUCET is a great way to illustrate the Moen commitment.   With its distinctive look and high arching faucet the design really sets things off in your kitchen.

The 4 hold Installation was really very straight forward; we didn’t have a hard time with any of it.  Working in the kitchen after the install was a real delight. 

Filling larger pots with water can be a little hectic sometimes (or trying to wash them for that matter) because the faucet usually gets in the way.  With the tall arch of the LINDLEY™ KITCHEN CATHEDRAL FAUCET this didn’t happen at all.  The faucet accommodated our largest pots and side spray and soap dispenser made things incredibly easy to deal with when washing dishes or simply rinsing them off.

One of the first things people say when they see our test kitchen is “Wow… that’s a nice faucet” and the next question is where they can get one.  Faucets can be kind of bland, but when you have the right tool for the job things tend to become easier, less stressful, and sometimes even fun!

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