If you are in the Chicagoland area and have some time on your hands to do a little shopping, you might want to swing down by the Fox Valley mall area in Aurora to a nice spot called Nagoya for a bite to eat. 

The food is superb and for under $12 USD you can enjoy the delights of a Japanese Hibachi, fresh Sushi, a fresh fruit bar, a fresh salad bar and a variety of miscellaneous food. 

As we say in Chicago “this place is a good hit”.  I neglected to mention the ice cream bar!  The staff is courteous, well trained and efficient.

The food is above average, the seafood is pretty fresh for midwest fare and the presentation is excellent.

I have really enjoyed my lunch at the Nagoya Japanese Seafood Buffett and will definitely be back again.

***Please note that Nagoya is closed now.

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