The NordicTrack A2750 Pro is an advanced treadmill that’s capable of giving effective workouts on a large, safe and comfortable running deck. There are many workout programs and the speed and incline range is enormous, this is an impressive treadmill.


Strong powerful motor for long lasting use with a lifetime warranty
Large and wide running deck for confident and stable runs
iPod compatible sound system with premium speakers
22 workout programs for variation and motivation
NordicTrack A2750 Pro Treadmill Review

NordicTrack became a world famous fitnesss equipment manufacturer when they built their hugely popular ski machine. They still make these machines and now make fitness equipment of all kinds. Over time they’ve developed their equipment to contain the latest technology and design for better equipment both in use and in structure. The NordicTrack A2750 Pro is one of their most technologically advanced treadmills they make.

The incline goes to 12% which is the slope or gradient that the treadmill can go to. This is more than most treadmills as you’ll usually find 10%. A run at 12% is a hard uphill climb that would be good as a warm up. The speed goes to 12 mph which is very good too as treadmills usually go up to 10 mph or less. When you consider jogging is around 6 mph then 12 mph is an incredibly fast run that you wouldn’t be able to continue doing for long so with this treadmill you have the whole range available to you.

This treadmill comes with 22 workout programs. These are divided into 10 performance workouts which are designed by certified personal trainers and will help improve your fitness. There are 6 weight loss workouts which adjust the settings to help maximize weight loss and calorie burn in your runs. Then there are 6 distance workouts which enable you to run a certain distance which is ideal for timing yourself over a distance to see how you progress in time.

One great feature about this treadmill is that you can connect it to the internet. You can download additional workout programs. You can share your workouts with your friends on facebook. You can even have races against other people all from the treadmill. You can do this with a special module that can be purchased with the treadmill. It’s something you can imagine all treadmills will eventually have but you’re seeing it first with this NordicTrack.

One feature that will get a lot of use is the ipod compatible sound system. You simply plug your ipod in and you can have your favorite running music played through the inbuilt premium speakers. With regards to fitness the treadmill has a heart rate monitor so you can see how your body is performing at any stage during your run. As you progress you’ll find your heart rate gets lower as you get fitter. Overall the NoridTrack A2750 Pro treadmill is an impressive piece of equipment that will get you years of effective workout results.


Motor: 2.8 HP DurX™ Commercial Plus
Speed: 0-12 MPH 1-Touch™
Incline: 0-12% 1-Touch™
Running Surface: 20″ x 60″ Quiet Treadbelt
Deck: ComfortShox™ Cushioning
 Heart Rate Monitor: Dual-Grip CardioGrip™
Display: Touch-Screen Display
Compatible Music Port for iPod®
Speakers: Intermix Acoustics™ 3.0
22 Workout Programs

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