The Oster Classic Beehive Blender gets rave reviews from owners posting to, who praise its retro styling and overall simplicity. They say it makes good smoothies and is a reliable performer. In hands-on tests, the Oster Classic Beehive blender fares well when compared with other inexpensive blenders. Reviews are mixed on the Oster Classic Beehive blender’s ability to crush ice for making frozen drinks, and all agree that it’s loud. For better ice crushing, reviewers point to the Breville Ikon Hemisphere BBL600XL (*Est. $200), but that blender costs more than three times as much and gets mixed reviews overall.

We found the best reviews of the Oster Classic Beehive at one foodie magazine, where editors extensively test appliances and compare them with others in the same price range. We also found the Oster blender compared with others at The Wall Street Journal and Money magazine, and we found more than 100 owner-written reviews at

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