The Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike with 26 inch wheels is the best tandem bike available for its price range. You’ll find nothing better in terms of construction, wide range of accessories, and overall bang for the buck. While there are a few quirks with the cycle, you’ll find yourself quite satisfied with its performance, and what’s cooler than taking a tandem bike ride to the movies?

The bike’s superb construction is the first thing that needs to be highlighted, and let other tandem bike manufacturers note that the bench has been marked with the Pacific Dualie. The frame is built out of a strong steel that is heavier than aluminum but also flexes so bumps and knobs on the road won’t give you nearly as much of a hassle. The bike is outfitted with a Shimano drive train, SRAM index handle shifters, and really comfortable seats making hills a breeze to climb. The construction of the bike was obviously done with every possible accessory in mind as the bike has two sets of screws for water bottle cages, connection points for adding a three strut mountain bike rack, and you can carry tons of things on it.

The only difficulty we ran into concerning the Pacific Dualie Tandem was that it is an absolute necessity to carry a 15mm wrench to remove a wheel in case of a flat. The only way to add quick release skewers would be to completely replace the wheels, but to find a 14- 34 cassette can be rather difficult. But in all reality, the price and other great features make the Pacific Dualie Tandem a dream of a tandem bike.

The Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike has no rivals, and you honestly will not find a better tandem bike for the price: $200. If you’re in the market, look no further than the Pacific Dualie Tandem.

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