The MC-3900 by Panasonic is considered the best canister cleaner to be used in quick cleanup of everyday spills as well as bare floors.

Powered by a 10-ampere motor assembly, the MC-3900 features a straight suction canister with suction control.

Its hose could reach up to 5 feet. The MC-3900′s can be conveniently stored onboard its main body, so that you can easily access them when you need to.

The MC-3900 comes with a crevice tool attachment that you could use to reach into tricky places such as the areas below your beds, or under you sofas and chairs that have low legs.

With this tool, you could use remove hard-to-reach dirt and perhaps even bugs effectively.

With the Panasonic MC-3900 you clean a longer range because it has a cord that is 17 feet long. There is no more need for you to unplug the unit from a power unit because you need to move to another place.

The length simply means that you could just leave it there even if you would want to move to another area to clean. The Panasonic MC-3900 also rewinds the cord on its own so that you don’t have to manually do it to prepare the cleaner for storage.

Weighing slightly below 9 pounds, the Panasonic MC-3900 is light enough to be carried around in one hand even when you are climbing stairs. Even when you’re reaching up to siphon off cobwebs in your ceiling, the lightweight cleaner can still be held on one hand like a suitcase.

Dust can sometimes make it into a cleaner’s fan or motor and possibly damage it, but Panasonic’s engineers have come up with a solution to address this problem.

With its Motor Protection System, the Panasonic MC-3900 protects its motor or fan from capturing dirt so that problems can be prevented and motor life can be prolonged.

The Panasonic MC-3900 vacuum cleaner employs bags to store the dirt that it suctions off the floor.

These bags are replaceable, which means that every once in a while you would be required to buy news bags because the old ones you use are already full.

Customer Reviews Of The MC-3900
Although there are only a handful of customer reviews online for the Panasonic MC-3900, the reviews that exist has shown that the cleaner has garnered a high rating for its ease of use and cleaning because of its lightweight and compact design. Users also liked the fact that it has a retractable cord because they can save valuable time in packing the cleaner for storage.

The Panasonic MC-3900′s suction control feature has also attracted positive feedback, because it proved useful in preventing the vacuum cleaner from sucking curtains in its path. You could simply make adjustments to make the machine go at lower suction power so it does not pull the curtains into it. The floor attachment works pretty well too on vinyl and hardwood floors.

However, users have complained about the minimal number of attachments to comes along with the MC-3900. For example, it does not have a brush attachment. The crevice tool was also judged to be too short to be useful.

Although it is effective in quickly picking up dirt and pet hairs from the carpets, the Panasonic MC-V3900 canister vacuum is not recommended for full carpet cleaning because it is not as effective as it is in quick pickups. However, it can be used to clean carpeted stairs because they are not as large as full-size carpets.

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