Pengallan has a pair of gloves they call “Leather Genius”.  They are made in Italy from 100% Italian kid leather.  They come in black and brown and are as soft apengallan-glovesnd supple as you can get.  The inside is lined with Cashmere, they have side vents that make the gloves easy to move in and well… they are just really very nice.  The thing that makes them stand out over other gloves are the thumb and index finger slots that allow you to uncap the tip of the digit so you can interface properly with your touch screen mobile device.

They make excellent gifts for men (or women who like the more masculine look).  They will run you about $250 USD, and have a sturdy design.  They will keep your hands warm about as well as any other glove, but they will pamper your hands and feel incredible when they are on. We thought they would make an excellent fit for the 2013 Reviewboard Magazine’s Valentine’s Gift List.

We give the Pengallan Leather Genius Gloves 4 out of 5 stars.  (We took a star for their warranty, 30 days is a bit insulting for $250, they are put together well and we tested them for several weeks so are confident they will last a long time… but still.)

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