I have a friend who is known for her inability to get bottles of wine open: any time we see her with a wine bottle in hand, someone jumps to offer assistance. She’s even managed to break the corkscrew!

The Peugeot Rechargeable Electric Wine Opener looks like the solution to my friend’s problems, though. All you need to do is position the wine opener over the bottle and press the button, and it does the rest. The corkscrew inserts itself and extracts the cork. It doesn’t even matter what type of wine bottle you’re dealing with; it fits any size of bottle and works equally well with natural and synthetic corks.

The Peugeot Rechargeable Electric Wine Opener is made from stainless steel and polycarbonate. It’s around $120, and comes with an electric transformer that you can plug in to recharge the wine opener, as well as a storage case to keep it together when not in use.


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