When I was in the market for a heart rate monitor earlier this year, I eneded up doing about 20 hours of research and found the Polar F11 to be the best fit for my personal needs.

If you’re like me and you do a wide variety of exercise like outdoor biking, inline skating as well as elliptical and treadmill workouts, the F11 is a good choice…

The next step up from the Polar F6 is the Polar F11. The F11 has some key advantages over the more basic F6 that are worth the extra investment if you’re serious about tracking your training and bringing your results to the next level.

Features found on the F11 that are, in my opinion, worth the extra money over the F6 are:

Polar Fitness Test that measures your V02 max in five minutes (knowing yourV02 max is a great benchmark to measure your progress using Cardio Secrets!)
Fitness Exercise Diary with personal targets
Visual Exercise Reminder w/ Alarm
Display Text in 4 Languages

One last important fact that a lot of people overlook about the F11 when comparing it to the F6, is the F11 has a Polar Wearlink 31 coded transmitter that’s compatible with health club cardio equipment, and the battery can be changed without sending your strap back to Polar in the mail.

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