The Polar Rs 200 heart rate monitor is the base monitor I recommend for people who are more into running than cross training (for cross training see my review of the Polar F11 heart rate monitor).

The RS 200 is made for runners. It’s not overly complicated but gets the job done of tracking basic workout functions and dislpays all the key information about your workout at a glance.

A cool feature of the RS is that you can program the display to show you up to 3 different workout variables such as:

heart rate
time in zone
total time of exercise
stop watch
lap times

Polar RS200 Heart Rate Monitor

If you’re into running, the Polar RS200 is a great monitor that will do about everything you’ll ever need for heart rate training.

The RS200 is a different animal than either the Polar F6 or Polar F11 as it’s geared specifically to the running crowd with some must have features you’ll want – especially if your training for a 5k race or marathon.

One of the best features on the RS200 is the 3 target zone alarms. With the zone alarms you’ll know exactly how long you were training in each zone based on your V02 Max.

Once your workout is over, there’s a handy upload/download feature that let’s you access the Polar Running Club online where you’re data can be analyzed – how cool is that!

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