Even if you’re not a serious triathlete in training, the s720i heart rate monitor can still be a good choice for tracking your cardio workouts.

The beauty of the s720i is that it has all the features you need for serious runners, and it packs in a whole other tracking system for bicycling too.

Going above and beyond watches like the RS series, the s720i is the mid-level model in the triathlon series and is Polar’s most popular wrist computer ever.

You’ll never be at a loss for data as the s720i will track all running and cycling performance indicators and other training conditions like altitude and temperature.

And the best thing is, when you get home exhausted from your workout, you can just beam your training data directly into your PC via infrared technology.

The s720i is the next best thing to having your own personal trainer because you don’t have to pay the Polar for every cardio or workout session.

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