Kitchen countertops not only have a way of becoming overcrowded quite quickly, but they also lack the capability to expand outside of their boundaries. Not so with the stovetop. When those four burners become filled up with boiling water and busy fry pans, there is another option. Although nowadays, a portable burner can be so much more.

The Caso C21 Induction Burner fills the much appreciated duties of a “fifth burner,” but it also does so with efficiency and style. Since induction cooking uses the pot or pan directly as the heat generator, more heat is transferred to the food resulting in highly efficient (and responsive) cooking times. With 10 power settings and precise temperature control from 140 degrees to 430 degrees, the C21 makes it easy to get the results you are looking for.

Usability is further enhanced with some convenient features. Preset “Keep Warm” and “Slow Cook” functions offer easy-to-use settings, while a 120-minute timer helps to keep things under control. A dual digital display shows the timer and power settings, while the slick touch interface not only offers familiar control, but also helps to make the borosilicate glass top easy to clean. An electronic sensor automatically detects when cookware is placed on the burner, and an included auto shutoff feature helps to prevent overheating. With enough available room on the counter top, it might just be hard to ever go back to the stovetop.

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