So you spent a lot of money on Samsung’s 32″ 305t Professional monitor and used it for 6 months or so, moved it into another room or around on your desk and now the flashing lights thing is happening.  You went to Samsung’s website and saw that they have AWFUL customer support and a ton of complaints right?  Sadly, that seems to be the case.  We did the same thing.

So the fix is pretty simple…  one of two things happened.

1) You tried to put your monitor into a resolution it doesn’t support (or changed the hz setting from something other than 60hz).

2) (The most vexing one to figure out) SOMEHOW you switched the monitor cables with a different monitor.  Bad move.  This will make is so that every time you try to use the monitor in a resolution larger than 1280 x 800 it will blink several different colors and do nothing. The cable is the issue.  The one that comes with the Samsung 305T pro is a fat cable that supports the higher resolution? (best guess) Once we figured that out, we swapped them out and everything was wonderful once again.

Hope this helps, if you have any other tips, feel free to comment!


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