The ProForm 1050T treadmill is tailor made for those who like to get a lot from treadmill running. It has a very large running surface and it’s maximum speed is 12 mph which is one of ProForm’s highest. It’s good for beginners too with a great range of workout programs from calorie burn to performance.


  • Commercial pro motor for smooth running and easy change between speeds and incline
  • Large back lit display gives detailed information while you workout
  • Ipod dock and inbuilt premium speakers to hear your favorite running music
  • Strong treadmill with a long warranty and a user capacity of 325 lbs

ProForm 1050T Treadmill Review

ProForm have been making fitness equipment for many years an have become well known for their space saver treadmills. These are treadmills that fold away to create more space in the workout room in the home. Today they make fitness equipment that utilizes the latest technologies and design. Space saver treadmills are still part of their design although they’re more advanced now. The ProForm 1050T is an example of their new space saver treadmills.

The speed and incline of this treadmill is a big selling point as it’s higher than most other ProForm equipment and other treadmills for that matter. The incline is 12% abnd you usually see 10%. The speed is a whopping 12 mph when you usually see 10 mph. Jogging for the average man is around 6 mph so 12 mph gives you a fast sprint or certainly a run that most wouldn’t be able to keep up for very long if at all.

Another great plus is the extra large running surface which is 20″ by 60″. That is 2 inches wider and 5 inches longer than most. This means any user whether they’re a beginner or advanced runner can concentrate on the run and not on the treadmill. You’ll be able to run confidently even if you have long strides or are tall. Plus the deck is cushioned so it’s easy on the legs and lower back.

There are 20 workout programs plus the manual option. So if you want some variation or to compare yourself to a program there’s plenty of options available to you. We think these are more suitable for beginners or those who have a particular aim when running. This is because there are weight loss workouts, performance and other workout programs that are designed to test you and help you achieve the fitness aim you’re going for.

Another feature is the ipod port that will take any other mp3 player too and this lets you hear anything through the inbuilt speakers. There’s a volume control on the console to let you easily raise or lower the volume. As you can see the ProForm 1050T is a feature packed treadmill that will get you working out to your best while listening to some great running music, it’s an enjoyable experience. The folding feature too make it ideal for the home.

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