The ProForm 590 E is a good value mid range elliptical. It has a good variety of resistance levels and workout programs to help anyone get a good workout whatever their fitness or workout aims. It has the Intensity Ramp™ to help you target different parts of your legs and buttocks for body shaping.


  • 16 levels of digital resistance is good for beginners and experienced users alike
  • 14 performance workout programs designed by a certified personal trainer
  • Large console display can be clearly seen whether you’re tall or short
  • Sturdy build with a lifetime frame warranty and 300 lbs user capacity

ProForm 590 E Elliptical Review

ProForm have been making fitness equipment for many years. They first grew popular because of their innovative space saver treadmills. These captured the market and they’ve been making all kinds of fitness equipment successfully ever since. This includes ellipticals which have the latest technology and designs they’ve developed over the years. The 590 E elliptical has many of these new features.

There are 16 levels of digital resistance that can be controlled at the touch of a button from the console. The lower levels are good for beginners or those wanting a gentle ride as a warm up. While the upper levels are a hard climb and a challenging ride for experienced users or those wanting some some shape on a specific area of the body. This shaping is further helped by the combination of the Intensity Ramp™.

You can control all the levels by yourself as you ride or you can choose one of the available 14 performance workout programs to take you through a routine for you. These are designed to improve your fitness and performance. If you find one easier as you progress which you’ll find happens every few weeks then you simply choose a harder one and keep improving. This can help you achieve a fantastic level of fitness you may struggle to attain on your own.

One piece of technology ProForm have developed is the iFit workout card technology. This 590 E elliptical has a reader where you can plug in an iFit workout card. These are 8 weeks of personal trainer workouts designed to help you achieve the goal of the card you choose. Whether it’s weight loss, wellness, stamina and more. You workout and the voice of a personal trainer talks you through your workout as you go, it’s an innovative system.

A nice addition anyone will be able to appreciate is the workout fan, this blows a nice cooling breeze on you from the console as you ride. Another great addition are the speakers where you can enjoy your favorite music using the built in sound system. Overall the ProForm 590 E elliptical is a great in home piece of equipment that anyone can improve their fitness and well being with.

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