The ProForm 690 LT is an advanced treadmill with a good range of personal trainer workouts which includes a weight loss and custom workout center. For beginners and experienced users this treadmill can help take your exercise to the next level in the home. It’s a folding treadmill and feature packed:


  • Large running surface helps beginners and experienced runners concentrate on their run
  • Blue Solaris™ LED display gives detailed information while you workout
  • MP3 player compatible and dual speaker system built in with console volume control
  • Sturdily built treadmill has a 300 lbs user capacity and a lifetime frame warranty

ProForm 690 LT Treadmill Review

ProForm are at the forefront of technology and design when it comes to fitness equipment. They started many years ago making treadmills and they became well known for their space saver treadmills. Today they still make space saver treadmills putting the latest technologies in the treadmill so you get the best workout you for you. The ProForm 690 LT is a good example of their latest space saver treadmills.

The incline goes to 10% and the speed goes to 10 mph. These are controlled at the touch of a button from the console. You can actually go to a certain number without having to scroll through with the one touch feature. This means you don’t have to keep your finger pressed on the console button so you can concentrate on your run. The speed of 10 mph is good when you consider a male jogging is about 6 mph.

The treadmill comes with 12 workout programs and a weight loss center. They can be used by everyone whether you need to lose weight or not and are a way of working out to a predetermined target. The 12 workouts are designed by a certified personal trainer and are divided into 6 aerobic workouts which makes you exercise at peak efficiency and performance workouts which are more demanding. The weight loss center uses your weight and a calorie burn choice to devise the perfect workout for you, it’s a center you’ll enjoy playing with.

There is also a custom workout center where you enter your maximum speed, incline and workout time and gives you a workout based on those parameters. The running deck has been specially cushioned. It’s far kinder to the feet, legs and lower back on this treadmill than outside especially the road. You can use the built in heart rate monitor to see how you’re body is coping and it’s easier on this treadmill than any road.

A feature that always remains popular is the mp3 player port with premium built in speakers to hear your favorite running music. This is on the console with the large clear display which shows your speed, time, distance, pulse and calories burned. This is also where you control the workout centers from. Overall the ProForm 690 LT Treadmill is an impressive in home piece of equipment that will please the whole family.

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