The ProForm 790T is a great treadmill for all runners whether beginner or experienced. The beginner will appreciate the workout programs and large cushioned running deck while the experienced runner will appreciate the 12 mph top speed.


  • Commercial motor has a lifetime warranty for long lasting smooth performance
  • 16 workout programs to give you a variety of calorie burning goals
  • Folding space saver design means the treadmill will not take up too much room
  • Sturdy treadmill has a user capacity of 325 lbs and is made to last

ProForm 790T Treadmill Review

ProForm have been making fitness equipment for many years. They first became world famous for their space saver treadmills whose design was an innovation at the time. They branched out successfully into all types of fitness equipment. Over time they’ve carried on innovating and used the latest technologies and design in their equipment. The ProForm 790T treadmill is a good example of this in their latest treadmills.

The incline and especially the speed are stand out features of this treadmill. The incline goes to 12% and the speed 12 mph. This is one of the highest you’ll find and is a testament to the powerful motor in the treadmill. You usually find 10 mph maximum. When you consider a man jogging is around 6 mph then 12 mph is a very fast run indeed. The performance of the treadmill is good at low speeds too.

The speed and incline can be adjusted with one touch. This treadmill has the feature to let you go directly to a speed or incline of your choosing so there’s no holding a button down whilst trying to run. Don’t forget the 16 workout programs if you want some variation in your workout where the settings are controlled for you. These are a nice way to both gain and measure you’re progress.

The running deck is nice and large so you can concentrate on your run and not on the treadmill. The deck is cushioned so it’s far kinder to the feet, legs and lower back than the road. The cushioning can be adjusted to your preference. An experienced runner may want a firmer deck while a beginner or weight loss runner may want a softer deck. It’s all easily done with the controls.

The display clearly shows and tracks your speed, time, distance, calories burned, fat calories burned and pulse as you exercise. It gets your pulse using the heart rate monitor built into the handlebars and is a great sign to see how your body is progressing with your running. Overall the ProForm 790T treadmill is an impressive treadmill with many stand out features to enable you to get a really good run in the comfort of your home.

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