Protect-A-BedThe Protect-A-Bed Crib Protector is a must have for any new parent with an infant.  The sky is blue, the grass is green and baby’s piddle.  Sometimes, they piddle a lot, sometimes they manage to get their diaper off… whatever the reason at night time when you are sleeping, or anytime really the opportunity for the mattress to get soaked is there and with Cribs and Mattress sets being priced the way they are today on the low end you are looking at 80 bucks for a new mattress and on the high end  you are looking at over 600 (Stokke Organic Mattresses for example).

With a simple product called Protect-A-Bed you don’t have to worry about it.  You put it on over the mattress, then you put the sheet on top of that.  You can hardly tell it is there and it protects your mattress from urine, bottle spills, and well…  whatever else may leak out!

It doesn’t stop there though.  It also protects your baby from mites, bed bugs, and other harmful things that can get into their bed.  Bed bugs are making a  come back and you can get them anywhere and bring them into your house.  The last place you want them is in the crib with your baby.  For under $30 you can have piece of mind.

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