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Wow – I can’t tell you how shocked I was when I contacted Quail Electronics to request a couple of samples for possible inclusion in our Holiday Buyer’s Guide.  Their marketing person was not only rude, but had no idea what he was doing.  That’s fine, but at the end of the conversation he asked me to send him an e-mail.  I did that, and included a few pointers for future dealings with Top 10 Consumer Publications.  The reason I included the pointers was simple, this guy was a marketing guy and clearly not used to dealing with Free Editorial Opportunities.  He was used to playing big shot with ad sales guys that call and beg him for ad dollars.  We don’t do that because we like to tell the truth here.  If there is an issue with a product we let you know and that becomes a problem when you handle an ad sales team that begs companies for money.  It creates a conflict of interest.

Sure we have google adsense running, and we make some money from that but it is legitimate because we don’t have any interactions with those companies and many of them don’t even know they are buying inventory (advertising inventory) on our website.  They pay for keywords and ads are shown on thousands of sites that match content for those keywords.  This is great for us because we can say how really bad THIS KEYWORD is and still get paid by the manufacturer and people selling the product because google’s ad system doesn’t discriminate negative publicity with positive publicity.

So getting back to Xavier the marketing guy at Quail Electronics and his unprofessional behavior.  So I emailed him the response, I mentioned he was rude (through implication) and blind carbon copied the sales manager to let him know that he basically just missed out on an excellent opportunity for editorial for the cost of 2 product samples.

Quail Electronics Response

The response I got was interesting. I  got a phone call from a sales rep from a completely different company (an anonymous coward who did not leave her company name), claiming to be a supplier of Quail Electronics.  They said they read the e-mail I sent to Xavier (sales? did they get it from Ryan the Sales manager or did they get it from Xavier) and couldn’t believe that I would be that rude in an email and hoped that Quail Electronics wasn’t going to use our services.

She clearly thought I was selling advertising, or something… so not only was she misinformed by whoever gave her access to the private email I sent to Xavier (and Ryan who I was told was the manager of the company)  but she had the audacity to call me, leave me a nasty little message (lol?) and then not answer the phone when I returned the call.  If she was a rational individual and not a coward she would have at least wanted to get a response and perhaps hear the other side of the story instead of look at an e-mail out of context and rattle off a voice mail because she felt “compelled” to call.

Needless to say – I need to ask you one important question.  If Quail Electronics could hire people that are so incompetent they would let something like this occur… IF Quail Electronics would behave THIS UNPROFESSIONAL (sharing private e-mail, what else do they share?  Your credit card info?)… IF QUAIL ELECTRONICS is willing to do this to an organization that can tell 7.7 million unique individuals monthly (110 Million Yearly) about their behavior… how are they going to treat you a customer that can’t?  How are they going to treat your business when you have an issue with their product?

To be honest I don’t know.  Do you?  We would love to hear from you if you had an issue with Quail Electronics.  You can send in positive comments, but we are looking for negative ones because we want to determine what level of unprofessional behavior has been demonstrated in the past and how far it went.  Fill the form out below and let us know:

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