Real Steel is about a not so distant future Earth where normal boxing with humans has been put aside for a different version of boxing with robots. 

Each Robot has a master that controls it with various methods (joysticks, voice activated, shadowing, etc...) and each engineer tries to create an artificial Intelligence that is better than the next guys.

Hugh Jackman plays a down on his luck ex-boxer with the Robot game in his blood.  He takes too many chances at the wrong time without thinking things through and loses everything. 

One day he's told that his estranged 11 yr old son has lost his mother and Hugh has to decide what he wants to do.

The two go on the road to do the Robot Boxing thing and the adventure begins there.  Outstanding family film, good action, lots of neat Robots... It's a great, cute, feel good film that the whole family will love.

[review title="Pros and Cons" pros="Cute Family Film, Good Action, Original Storyline, Robots " cons="Predictable, Kevin Durand a.k.a. Ricky didn't get the snot beat out of him on screen"  score=85 verdict="This is a great film to bring your kids to, my kids are all grown up but I was chomping at the bit to see it, I love Robots.  Even though it was predictable I enjoyed the movie, and I really liked how well Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo worked together."]

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