The new rage in administrative capabilities from Microsoft is PowerShell. Now Microsoft has done something very good here. PowerShell is VERY powerful yet very easy to use. Now how does one get up to speed quickly with PowerShell?

I have used many Computer Based Training (CBT’s) programs in my career. Sapien PowerShell Programming training program is one of the best I have used ever. The look and feel of this training is very good. The instructor is very real. His presentation manner is extreamly comfortable.

Sapien offers this program at 3 levels, Windows PowerShell Fundamentals (beginner), Windows PowerShell Intermediate and Windows PowerShell Advanced. The program even includes a lab guide with exercises just like you would have if you were attending a full blown instructor let class. Actually it is a full blown class except you are attending this from your home on your computer or laptop.

I like how this program is put together. The speaker is seen on the screen. There is an interaction of what he is telling via bulletpoints and then goes directly into PowerShel and completes several examples. This method helps hammer home the principles and output.

Now the key here in this economical climate, you do not have the break the bank to get this good quality training. Sapien has made this training program very affordable. They even break it down so you can by the modules you want one at a time. I really liked this program: very, very well done.

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