The Savora Contour Series Oil Mister is a neat product, and a great gift idea for our 2013 Father’s Day Gift List.  For that budding gourmet dad who puts on the apron and makes the most amazing tasting (insert his favorite thing he does so well) while simultaneously creating the largest mess in the history of kitchen messes!

Savora Contour Series Oil Mister ReviewSeriously though, this is a really neat device. So in a nut shell it replaces those spray can oils you buy at the store.  You know the cans you don’t really know… what is _actually_ in there… but you spray some non-stick spray in the pan hoping it is better for you than the slab of butter you really want to use…

This is drop dead easy to use, you just open it up, pour your oil (whatever you want, I like extra virgin olive oil).  The idea is you pour your oil, then pump in with the top to push air inside the bottle, and presto you get a nice fine mist just like you would with the can of oil you buy at the store… except there is no propellant going into your food :p

The best part is you can use fresh herbs and infuse the oil, just toss them inside the bottle with the oil and let it sit for a few days / weeks / whatever you want.  The bottom of the feeder tube has a special no clog filtering system that prevents the herbs from going up the tube.  It won’t get clogged, it’s easy to clean (we put it in the dishwasher without an issue) and absolutely simple to use.  Once you have one you will want 3 or 4 more to do different types of oil infusions.

Out of the box it feels a little cheap (light weight contributes most of that feeling) but once you put the oil in the bottle it takes care of that feeling as it has more heft.  I like it and I’m going to give it 4 out of 5 stars. It’s an excellent kitchen helper and is definitely healthier than buying the can of spray oil at the store.  They run about $25 or so and come in various colors to match your kitchen. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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