This is actually a pretty nifty device.  Basically what it allows you to do is put the small (about the size of a pack of cigarettes) box on your windshield somewhere (or your sunroof) with suction cups.  The solar power collector on the back of it charges the battery inside so you always have a fully charged unit.  You sync it with your bluetooth cellular phone and it will act as a speaker phone that will also tell you (text to speech) what number is calling you so you can decide to accept the call or reject it.   You can also see the number that is calling you on the small LCD display.  They are about $90 bucks or so, if you shop around the internet you can grab one up for under $65 shipped.

Worth it?  Perhaps.  It’s one of those “fits a particular purpose” devices.  If you are rockin’ an older vehicle that doesn’t have bluetooth sync built into the radio, and it’s not worth upgrading your sound system, or if you are outdoors (camping, hiking, etc…) and can’t break away from your phone calls it might come in handy.  For those that need it; it’s a find.    For those that need a full time solution for their vehicle you might want to look into investing in a better head unit (radio) for your car.  Naxa makes a car stereo head unit that is about $60 from Amazon that has bluetooth built in.  It also lets you play MP3 CD’s and does a lot of other things.

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