The OM Flyer from SE Bikes is a flashy bike. Actually, that’s an understatement. It seems that such a bike could’ve only been designed with an assortment of Rick Ross lyrics in mind. The OM Flyer will announce your presence before you’ve landed your first tailwhip and any haters will swear they’d eaten a mouth full of gold speckled dirt as you pedal off into the sunset.

The OM Flyer is a throwback, first designed in the 1980′s. The frame was resurrected for your BMX pleasure. The bike sports a looptail rear end, new 2 piece grips, landing gear forks, and a fluted seat post. Built with 6061 aluminum tubing and retro dropouts, and Tektro 839AL V-Brakes. Mind you, all of this is wrapped in $100 print, gold accents, and an eye-catching green highlight. Definitely not a bike to bring on that trip to visit your cousin Pedro in the nearest barrio.

Overall, the OM Flyer from SE Bikes rode incredibly well. At a weight of 27.2 lbs we found the bike to provide a light yet sturdy, stable ride. While we’re not crazy about the price (MSRP: $1000) we can understand it. The OM Flyer 2010 edition is more of a niche bicycle, but one that will engage the pickiest of BMX enthusiasts.

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