We are going to start writing reviews on Stars here at Reviewboard Magazine.  Not the stars up in space, we’re talking about Motion Picture, Musicians, Theater, Dance, Radio, Internet, Public Figures and Misc (15 Minutes of Fame stars, Celebutante, etc..).  How are we going to review people?  Actually we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about that and we’ve come up with a nice little system to judge it all.  The end product will be THREE Rankings.

The first ranking is their Professional Critique. It will sum up their ability as a STAR/Public Figure. It will tell us how well they do their job.  We have 5 scoring categories that will be applied to their profile with the lowest score of ZERO and the highest score of 100.

The second ranking will be their private life.  Now I know this is a subjective thing, and a bit of a touchy subject with some.  However, people want to know who these folks are and what they are about.  This ranking is going to be harder to come up with and take some time.  It will be tweaked as time passes, so it will reflect real world actions to raise and lower it based on their behavior.

The rankings for that are from ZERO (Total Train Wreck) to TEN (Has their stuff together).

The last score is based on a mathmatical formula generated from the first two scores.  This third score is their Star Quality score.  The formula we are not releasing to anyone, it is a trade secret, however… the higher the number the better the Star.

At the end of the day it is all about opinion isn’t it?  But what we will offer is a scoring system that we think bests reflects a famous person’s star quality as a performer, or a public figure.  We will be starting tomorrow so keep an eye out, some of these people will have interviews attached to their profiles.  Things should be pretty interesting around here!

The Review_Crew is a mix of writers that work for Reviewboard Magazine for the specific purpose of building the Review Crew brand of Reviews. Because they are a team and review these products in a group setting (8 people on a team) they share the attribution in the form of a team name rather than individually.


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